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Empties – December 2016: My Final Thoughts on Stuff I’ve Finished

Something I’ve been meaning to do ever since starting this blog is give my final thoughts about products once I finish using them up.  I started the blog in May 2016, and I’ve been saving my empties ever since.  Originally, I planned to do this every few months, but I’ve been procrastinating…so this is going to be a long post.…

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You should use be using retinol and chemical exfoliants

What is retinol? Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is beneficial for skin.  Vitamin A helps plump wrinkles, gets rid of dark spots, reduces oil production, improves collagen production, and stimulates cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.  It can also be really helpful for getting rid of acne and breakouts.  It’s a really excellent ingredient for anti-aging and acne. Vitamin…

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How to take care of your oily skin

What is oily skin? (Sometimes) Oily skin is just dehydrated Your skin produces oils designed to keep it healthy and hydrated.  But sometimes it produces not enough (dry skin) or too much (oily skin).  You can also have certain areas that over-produce oil while other under-produce oil (combo skin, usually an oily T-zone and dry cheeks).  This excess oil can be…

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Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Multi-Action Penta Peel Review

I was so excited to try the Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Multi-Action Penta Peel after the success I had with the 10% Glycolic Acid Pads from the same brand (you can find that review HERE).  I figured that if the glycolic acid peel was good, then the peel containing not one, but five acids would be so great.  Boy was I…

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Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories 10% Glycolic Acid Pads Review

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories 10% Glycolic Acid Pads are a fantastic chemical exfoliation product.  The product comes in a screw top container with 50 pads pre-soaked in the 10% glycolic acid solution.  One pad is plenty of product for one application.  I use whatever is left on the pad on my hands, arms, chest/decollete after I’m done with my face.  That…

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