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I Think Retinol Oils are the Next Big Thing

So everyone knows about retinol by now.  The gold standard of anti-aging ingredients.  It reduces acne, wrinkles, and oil production.  It helps get rid of dark spots and makes skin overall clearer, more even, and more radiant.  But this often comes at a cost.  One that includes redness, sensitivity, flaking, and peeling.  These side effects are usually short lived if your skin isn’t sensitive.  But if you’re not so lucky, these unfortunate side effects of using retinol can go on for a very long time.  Or they can come back at any time.  Or sometimes they just never go away and retinol is off the table completely.

However, there have recently been some very interesting new developments in retinol technology.  Like trans-retinoic esters that produce results similar to that of pure retinol, but the ingredients are gentler on the skin thereby reducing side effects.  There are also getting to be some intriguing new products on the market where retinol is used in a oil-based product.  Usually retinol products are water- or silicone-based and are formulated as either a serum or cream.  Prescription tretinoin (super strong retinol) comes as either a cream or gel.  But putting retinol in an oil is a fantastic idea.  I don’t know why nobody ever did it before.

Retinol oils are a fantastic idea because the oil in the formula will help to immediately replenish the skin barrier upon application.  So the drying, flaking, peeling aspects of retinol use can be greatly reduced.  The same effect can probably be obtained by applying facial oil immediately after using a retinol product, too.  But the new retinol oils not only have oil to provide hydration, but they are also using the new, gentler forms of retinol.  Unfortunately, these new retinol oils range in price from expensive to very expensive.  However, one thing to consider is that this one retinol product can probably replace several products you already use.  Obviously that doesn’t make them any cheaper, but at least you hopefully have to buy fewer products overall.  Just saying…

Retinol Oils to Consider

Here are the retinol oils I’ve discovered so far.  There are a couple I’m super excited to try out (Verso Super Facial Oil and African Botanics Fleurs d’Afrique!).  But there are a couple others I probably won’t be able to use due to added fragrance or irritating essential oils.  There is also another that I really want to try: Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil (not shown below).  It’s from Ireland, and I can’t wait until it is more widely available in North America.

I am very intrigued and interested to see where retinol technology goes over the next few years.  But mark my words, retinol oils will soon be everywhere.

…preferably with formulas that don’t contain a bunch of extra fragrance or citrus peel oils…

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